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Science and Nature

The Science of Cooking

Peter Barham


October 2004

In this book, Peter Barham reveals some of the important scientific theories and processes involved in cookery.

A kitchen is no different from most science labor­atories and cookery may properly be regarded as an exper­i­mental science. Food preparation and cookery involve many processes which are well described by the physical sciences. Under­standing the chemistry and physics of cooking should lead to improvements in performance in the kitchen.


For those of us who wish to know why certain recipes work and perhaps more importantly why others fail, appre­ciating the underlying physical processes will inevitably help in unrav­elling the mysteries of the ‘art’ of good cooking.

The Light Revolution: Health, Architecture and the Sun

Richard Hobday

Findhorn Press

December 2006

Do we get enough light in our daily life?

The latest discoveries about light and health are going to change the way we live and work. They confirm what has long been suspected: that light has a profound effect both on our immune systems and our emotional stability and that simply lighting for vision is not enough.

This book brings together historical evidence, tradi­tional wisdom and the latest scientific findings from a number of distinct disciplines to explain the lost art of lighting for health and to inspire further discussion around this.

The Healing Sun: Sunshine and Health in the 21st Century

Richard Hobday

Findhorn Press

November 1999

Over the last 40 years, there has been a complete reversal in medical thinking on sunlight. Sunbathing is regarded by the experts to be a dangerous pastime which should be actively discouraged, yet little more than 50 years ago doctors in Europe and North America were using sunlight to treat poten­tially fatal diseases on a routine basis, and a number of hospitals were built specifically for sunlight treatment.


Explaining how and why we should get sunlight back into our lives - safely - this book shows how sunlight was used to prevent and cure diseases in the past, and how it can heal and help us in the future.

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