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General submissions advice from CDLA

These guidelines have been written to give you the greatest possible chance of success if you are planning to submit your work for consideration at CDLA and are looking for representation. Depending on what you have written, please turn to the detailed CDLA submission guidelines for either fiction or non-fiction.

As you will discover in the submission guidelines we only accept submissions on paper. We never consider submissions sent by email.

Given the amount of reading we do at CDLA, we are always predisposed to concentrate on submissions that are easy on the eye, elegantly designed and logically laid out. 

Whether you have completed a novel or are proposing a work of non-fiction, we urge you only to submit once your writing has reached a very high standard. If you have any doubts about your work, it may be best to review, refine and submit later.

Please bear in mind this is a long-established agency of twenty-five years standing and we already represent many authors and have an extensive backlist. As a result we only have the capacity to take on a small number of new writers, sometimes only one a year. This means your work must be exceptional, but rest assured we are always thrilled to encounter an original voice who writes with extraordinary talent and quality.

This page was typed in Enriqueta and Open Sans.

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